Naghmeh Sharifi is an Iranian / Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and one in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. In 2018 Sharifi completed her MFA degree at Concordia University. Since 2008, her artwork has been exhibited in Tehran, Berlin, Lyon, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Skopje (Macedonia) . In Montreal, she has presented her work at such sites as Conseils des arts de Montréal (2015),  Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery (2017), the MAI (2018) and Centre Phi (2020). Sharifi was the recipient of the Impressions Residency at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2015 and the Phi Centre's Parallel Lines Virtual Residency in 2020. 


My practice stems from a fascination with the psychology of the body, as a place of memory and as a shell for our presence in the world. Using a variety of mediums, I investigate the way the body contextualizes itself in, against, engulfed or invaded by the spaces it inhabits. By blurring the borders separating the figure and background, I highlight at once the fragility and the agency of the body to act as critical cartography. Through a watering down and diluting of the mediums, I explore the diluted and uncertain place my figures hold, asking questions about how we are read and how we make space for ourselves in the world when stripped of all context?

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